The Blog Master Academy Prologue

Behind the curtains, we are a bonafide legitimate UK registered business called ‘Entrepreneur Business Solutions Ltd‘.

Blog Master Academy is our vision, our passion and real-life consultancy is our business, face to face and online.

We created BMA to give real value and solutions to anyone that wants to start a business online that needs professional assistance without taking out a loan to get it!

We will give you what you need, it’s simple to learn and to do, and just requires a little dedication from you to do it, we promise you zero BS and real-life solutions that we have been using to build businesses for many years.

We want to take this opportunity to tell you more about us, and our background, then decide for your self what you think we are about!

Get Rich With Zero Money and Only A Paper-Clip!?

We take all our businesses seriously, and BMA is no exception, we want you to succeed in your business, but the whole idea of success without any notion of cost is not real life, and we are realists!

Sometimes that cost is your time, but nearly always you have to spend a little to start, even if that little was your computer you already own. 

Sadly though people will tell you anything and sell you anything, all to get your money… then give you something that in many cases is either substandard or poorly written, it’s some kind of pyramid scheme, or plain bad information.

Many others sell courses, or get rich quick schemes, and there are many more that offer poorly built courses and basic materials that won’t help you succeed, not past getting started at the most basic of levels, in fact, there are a very few that offer real genuine courses.

And what about us, what do we think?

  • We are different to everyone else out there, our approach and our strategy.
  • Our aim is to make what we do available to everyone from the most basic level through to advanced.
  • We are serious about you and your business and will be upfront about what you need to do

All our materials and courses are based on our experience and knowledge and we are very proud to give you real value in what we offer. Building a successful business is complex at times, we want to simplify and demystify your experience from day one.

Success is all about dealing with failure, really?

In life and in business, from our experience, there are far more ways to fail than there are to succeed, so it’s hardly surprising that along with our own personal business journey, we had a pretty hard time at first finding out how to become successful. 

Nevertheless, we firmly believe that in order to be a success in your business it’s not actually about the success after all.

Actually we found that it’s about how you manage your failures because it’s those little failures that we all experience, that shapes your success!

But yet there is more to it after all!

We can help you avoid the biggest mistakes that really can close your business before its even open!

Beat those business killing mistakes and learn how to navigate your path ahead, to read the signals that will help you shape your individual business to be a success, every step of the way.

Feel Good vs. The Real Deal

We all like to feel good, however, our training is not solely designed to make you feel good about yourself, we are after all realists and want you to work and then achieve success.

On that basis, we really like to get down to the nitty gritty of what to do and when to do it, just like a real business, no fluffy bunnies in sight here!

Peter from a young age discovered his passions in both computers, logic and problem-solving, let’s see what he says about his journey…

Peter looks back on his younger years and says:

At school I was the best in Mathematics, going to all kinds of out of school additional learning courses. I was searching for logic in everything and trying to understand the world around me in some kind of algorithm in my head…

Following his path in technology, he was the go-to guy in the family, and too for all the neighbors when it came to getting technology working!

Looking forward in his career Peter says:

I worked in an internet coffee house, helping people find what they want, repairing the computers, and I started to learn about networks and people!”

“Then working and freelancing, web developing, graphics, and consulting, making my way until I could start my own company…”

Peter started his own internet coffee house and used any spare time he had to learn about marketing and technology, and a few conspiracy theories of course too!”

Moving forward again Peter made it big working for a large company, with all his new skills Peter flourished, but all that was about to change.

Peter just had to leave his job, and he tells us why:

“Well, I started to earn 2-3-10times and more than my payroll and the average payroll in the country. I was tired, couldn’t give my maximum at my daily work, couldn’t give my maximum at my night job, and most important I was giving the bare minimum of myself to my family and friends, something had to give!”

Peter learned that he really was in the best position with his own business!

…and his final words:

“I reached a huge 4-5 digits in monthly income, and somewhere in that found Adam Ess, two like-minded Entrepreneurs on the road to success, every day!

Adam has followed almost the same eerily similar path to Peter, in his early years, with computers, business, a real knack for problem-solving, but let’s hear from the man himself.

Adam describes his younger years:

“From a young age I always was interested in science and technology, the subjects that seem to capture my interest were sciences, Chemistry, Biology and Physics, but also Computers and Information systems too.”

Moving forward in his education:

“During my time at college I really enjoyed continuing my studies within the Sciences, working to support my education, and this is where I really started my journey into marketing and information technology”

“…then I landed a job with a company specializing in repairing and re-selling technology this was a turning point!”

Adam worked his way up the ranks in the business he worked for only part-time, during his studies, and developed a passion.

“Over the time I was in college I started selling the computers and equipment I had once learned to repair, with the promise of a commission on sales, I soon developed strategies how to sell more!”

Adam then describes what that took him from where he was to where he is now:

“It all started in Hospital Laboratories, and while the work was interesting I couldn’t really imagine myself doing it for the next 40 years, I wanted to re_invent myself…”

“I got a job in a financial institution, and I would sell finance and insurance again on commission, but getting a promotion to an exclusive team of training consultants propelled me forward, it was a turning point!”

“I got training from real professionals, and it wasn’t man years after this I discovered I could do it by myself and be my own boss, I never looked back once!”

Adam teamed up with Peter and two like minds worked so well together that they decided to form their own project, from a concept they both shared, and show that anyone, with a little hard work, can achieve huge success.

“Peter and I have such great passion for business, problem-solving and people, so it really made sense to take what we do best and our years of experience and forge a new beginning and another new business, together!”

Email us at [email protected] and lets have a chat, we will be delighted to answer quesiotns!